Massage by Samantha - Heal the natural way, relax and rejuvenate.

                 Massage Treatments

Customized *Full* Body MassageNot sure what pressure you’re in need of?   No worries! Just choose the amount of time needed and enjoy this customized session just for you! Massage includes a heated memory foam table, heated accessories, hot towels and a complimentary aroma blend.

  • 30-min  (*may not include full body)    $40.00
  • 45-min (*may not include full body)     $55.00
  •  1 HOUR                                                $70.00
  • 75-min                                                    $85.00
  • 90-min                                                    $95.00
  • 2 HOUR                                                 $145.00

Customized Focus Massage W/ Foot ReflexologyAlthough the idea of full body would be nice; you’re more concerned of where it aches. Let's take the time to just focus on these areas. Foot Reflexology will be incorporated.

  • 20-min Back + 20-min FEET                                             $53.00
  • 30-min Neck, Shoulders & Back + 30-min FEET              $68.00
  • 50-min All Upper Body + 30-min FEET                            $88.00

Holistic Facials/no chemicals

Cleansing the face 
hot towel compress 
eye treatment
and moisturizer

  • 30 min        $45
  • 60 min        $80

Please find  Specialty Services below:

Oncology massageOncology (Cancer) Massage: 
A gentle Swedish massage that incorporates comforting touch and holding to those suffering or recovering from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Sideline positioning with pillows for comfort may be utilized to alleviate pressure on any parts. Towels are also provided for bolstering shoulders if laying face down is preferred.*No hot stones or heated accessories can be used* 

  • 30-min (introductory session)                                               $35.00
  • 60-min session (20 min reflexology incorporated)               $65.00

prenatal masssagePrenatal Massage:                         

Congrats to the new mommy-to-be!You have finally made it past your first trimester; now let’s take care of those aches and pains! Sideline positioning with pillows for comfort. Lavendar aromatherapy*No hot stones or heated accessories can be used* 

  • 50-min session                                    $55.00

sports massage
Sports Massage/Deep Stretch Compression 

Do you have a regular exercise routine? This session incorporates stretching and joint mobilization activity, and can help break up and prevent muscle-holding patterns to increase muscle usage efficiency, get more from your workouts, and help prevent muscle injuries. Service may include the use of cold/hot accessories and ointments to assist in pain relief. Client may remained clothed during session.

  •  50-min   session                                $70.00

Deep tissue massageDeep Tissue

Relieve hidden tension and hypersensitive areas that may refer pain/discomfort to other areas of the body. (90 minutes highly recommended as this modality is muscle specific and can requires lots of time and patience)

  •  90-min   session                                $95.00

Hot Stone MassageHot Stones Massage

Ready for the big MELT-DOWN?! Try this oil-based massage that integrates warm and hot stones to induce relaxation and create a sedating effect on the body and mind. Warm stones are placed on and underneath your body to deliver moist heat and energy while hot stones are used simultaneously to massage the muscles. This is an amazing massage to quiet your mind. 

  •  90-min  session                                            $120.00

Non-Surgical Face Lift Massage:      

Imagine an all natural, holistic approach to obtaining and maintaining younger, smoother and healthier looking skin at any age. The Facelift Massage is the answer you have been looking for to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.***We have found that a series of 12 to 16 treatments when combined with our proprietary home care facial exercise program gives our clients the face-lift they are looking for without any invasive surgeries or injections*** 

See amazing results including:

  • Decrease in bags under the eyes 
  • Firmer cheeks and jaw line
  • Neck appears smoother
  • Naso-labial fold lines soften
  • Skin looks smoother and skin tone evens
  • Youthful glow

Iron out those stubborn knots

The following enhancements can be added to any service for starting at just $15

Holistic facial A thorough facial cleansing, honeylift facial massage, followed by another facial cleansing, toner, and moisturizer. ($35)

Icy/Hot- The use of hot and cold therapy lotion
and gel for stubborn muscle tension.
Highly recommended for Deep Tissue/Trigger Point ($15)

Body Mud Masque-Detox, moisturize and de-stress, (face only $15, fully body $25)

Body Scrub- Exfoliates and leaves a natural glow.  (face only $15, fully body $25)


Energy boost, relieve stress, anxiety, 
headaches, cramps and pain to name a few. ($15)

Couples Massage-call to schedule

Meditation Introduction- You will be given basic tools to help you start your meditation journey. Meditation will ease you into a deep state of relaxation. Through meditation you can heal, relieve stress and become more self aware.
$50 - 60 min. sessions.

spa parties

Host a Massage Party! 
Invite over some friends, provide the refreshments and entertainment and I'll do the rest.

Ideas for parties include but are not limited to:  Graduations, couples, bridal parties, prenatal parties, girls-night-in. employee appreciation etc

*Travel/set-up fee for party may apply 

Contact us directly for further information on booking dates, pricing, and written agreement.